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Welcome to GÜT-FIT

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Who is Güt-Fit :


Innovation, professionalism, sustainability, respect for nature, and mankind. These are the principles with which the Güt-Fit brand presents itself on the market.
The main concern of our company is a healthy lifestyle using always environmentally friendly products.
Güt-Fit is concerned with public health from a perspective that combines nutrition and the life and health system.
Our website contains studies on a healthy lifestyle and unique products that are recommended as dietary supplements. In addition, food is a source of both disease and health.

As the name suggests, we want to pass on true Swedish and European quality to you.

The company was established in 2017. The idea of giving everyone the opportunity to reach their goals more easily was born in Malmö, Sweden. Although the company has grown, the heart still beats strongly for health and exercise. We want you to find what you are looking for with us, whatever your goals are.


The Set up in France 2020,

The company works with a wonderful mix of people with a strong interest, long experience, and expertise in everything related to exercise, health and dietary supplements.
With our knowledge, we want to transmit the joy of exercise and motivation to everyone. Whatever your objective, we want to offer you products of assured quality in everything concerning exercise, food supplements, and health.
We have extremely high requirements for our own products as well as those of our suppliers and partners.

All our products are carefully controlled and manufactured in factories that meet high-quality standards.

We always follow the recommendations of the European food agencies and ensure that our products do not contain any prohibited or doped substances. Our products are therefore used by both elite athletes/athletes and national teams.

None of our products contain chemicals, additives, or products of animal origin.
Nature has many remedies and solutions for our daily needs, we simply put nature in pill form for you!



Maca :




Our Maca is imported directly from a farmers' cooperative in Peru. We pay a fair price for our Maca because it is 100% organic, sweet, and tasty!

Our Maca powder is freshly packed in Peru, when you open the bag, you will feel the flavor of the Andes mountains.






 Vegan Protein  :


We create special blends for sports, dietary aid, energy, and weight loss. You don't have to be vegan to drink them, they taste so good. It's Güt-Fit!
Check out our product tips for more information.
All our products are 100% organic, without any additives and most of our ingredients are grown and processed in Europe.



Natural Stimulant  :


Güt-Fit does not promise miracle results or magic formulas.

We have mixes that will help you lose weight, Sexual Vitality.




We use a cold extraction process from plants, herbs, flowers to obtain a concentrated extract and to blend several products according to a formula designed by our research team.


Trade Register:

Güt-Fit is a registered trademark of Gut-Fit SAS

VAT number: FR18889091914


To distribute our products:

Do you run a fitness center or health food store and want to invest with us? to become a reseller/agent of Gut-Fit products.

To apply, please tell us briefly about your business and your sales goal, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.
Email us at: