Unfortunately, many diets end… with weight gain. This is called the yo-yo effect: after months of deprivation, you have lost weight ... But it is regained, sometimes even exceeded in a few weeks! How to avoid this phenomenon, and these unnecessary efforts?


The yo-yo effect

The yo-yo effect is originally there to protect you. By understanding that you are undernourished, your body's metabolism begins to change and starts to store more fat: in short, it reacts as if you were facing a famine, and that you were involuntarily starving!

Your body's metabolic expenditure is then lowered after an adjustment period. Once you start consuming a higher calorie diet again, your body stays in the same mode, in anticipation of other lean times. If you decide to follow a new diet, the metabolism becomes even more disturbed, and can slow down further.

This is why diets that are too low in calories (such as cabbage soup, cigarettes, etc.) generally have a negative effect in the long term: miracle diets do not exist! Additionally, while the weight loss is fast, it can be done by burning muscle rather than fat. Add to that the stress caused by these unnecessary hardships and efforts, and the result will only be worse.


A stepping stone to your future diet

Thus, the diet should not be considered as a short interlude during which you will deprive yourself. In reality, you should rather consider it as an intermediate period certainly, but of preparation for a more lasting diet. You should eat in a balanced way (although this does not rule out some variation), and exercise regularly to burn off the calories you eat.

During the diet itself, you should decrease the daily calorie intake by 300 to 500 kcal, no more.

Be careful to eat good, nutritionally rich foods: not all calories are created equal. Exercise and do not neglect protein, otherwise you will lose your muscles and not your fat first!

To decrease your calorie intake without skipping meals or depriving yourself of a whole bunch of foods, consider protein powders, which can help you meet your daily need without overdoing it or giving up the pleasure of eating.


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Losing weight is done through small steps. So persevere! Your efforts will eventually pay off in the long term ... without neglecting pleasure!