Even though you’re being enthusiastic when it comes to work out to develop your muscles,  you don’t want to work yourself to death! Simply beefing up is probably not your goal either. Here, we explain how to develop your muscles permanently, without exhausting your body, and how you can develop a harmonious silhouette.

1.Be regular

You've decided to work out regularly: that's great, but how long will you keep this resolution? A fairly common cliché is a person signing up to the gym, going all-out for a week, and then never going back. Likewise, you may be tempted to do it only after over-eating, to drown your guilt.

These aren’t good ideas! The secret to getting into sport over the long term is to exercise regularly. For starters, two half an hour sessions per week will be better than overwhelming several hours intense sessions.


 2.Take it easy!

Mood and motivation aren’t the only reasons why we don’t advise you to exercise too intensely: paradoxically, it would also be bad for your muscles. You should avoid strenuous exercise for several days in a row (3-4 times a week enough), and consider drinking water regularly. At night, you should rest: that is the moment when our body releases the hormones needed to build our muscles.

Also, don’t be too ambitious: for example, if you usually aren’t into bodybuilding, do not carry too much weight! It will only tire you excessively and may damage your muscles.


3. Focus on stamina

Stamina: here is the magic formula that will allow you to gain muscles harmoniously! Not only can excessive exercise damage your body, it is also ineffective compared to less intense but more regular exercise. That is the conclusion of a study conducted by Dutch researchers at McMaster University in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism. Obviously, that's no excuse to let loose either! Simply, stick to your pace.


4. Vary the exercises

Rather than always doing the same type of exercise, to gain a more harmonious silhouette, consider varying: for example, one day you can do cardio, the next session you can train your abs, and then start working on flexibility exercises. You can also favor sports such as running, swimming or skipping rope, which allow you to maintain several sets of muscles and boost your endurance.


5. Pay attention to your diet

Food is your fuel. It shouldn't be neglected. While you should avoid eating too much sugars and bad fats, it is important not to under nourish yourself.

Avoid playing sports on an empty stomach: around 1h30 before the session, the body needs carbohydrates and proteins to support exercise. The best snacks you can eat are fruit, rice, fish, white meat, potatoes or eggs.

If you are feeling hungry when you exercise, you can prepare a snack based on dried fruits or cereals. Avoid overly sweet snacks, and remember to hydrate yourself.

After your workout, you can eat a protein rich snack: dairy products, bananas, dried fruits… And why not a snack based on protein powder , such as Güt-Fit!

Our food supplement Güt-Vega gives you everything you need to increase your stamina and build muscle over the long term: its composition, a mixture of plants such as muira puama, tribulus terrestris, maca, rhodiola or ginkgo, is specially formulated for this purpose.