A sedentary lifestyle is often singled out as the cause for many health problems such as obesity. OK but, what can you do if your work does not allow you to move as much as you wish?


Try to eat a balanced diet

When you work in an office and don't have a canteen nearby, when mealtime comes, it can be tempting to grab a sandwich from the convenience store next door. However, this is not a good idea! Most of the time, these sandwiches are highly processed. Made from white bread, and sometimes containing with low-diet products such as cold cuts or mayonnaise, they won't help you improve your health and your silhouette.

So, what’s the solution ? Actually, the best is probably to take away a healthy meal prepared at home the day before. You can also try batch cooking: it involves preparing all the meals for the week on Sunday evening. You can make a pie or a house salad for example, which can be the eaten during several midday meals.

If you usually eat in restaurants nearby, try to choose better options for your health: salads of course, but also poke bowl or buddha bowl… Avoid giving in to the temptation of burgers or sandwiches too often!


Don't neglect mealtimes

When youfeel overwhelmed, it can be tempting to skip lunch, or grab it on the go in front of your computer. This should be avoided as well: skipping meals disturbs your organism, and eating in front of the screens disturbs your feeling of satiety. In addition, it is better to eat slowly: this also allows you to control your feeling of hunger and to know when you have eaten enough. Taking your time to enjoy your meal could cut the risk of obesity by 2!

If you don't have time to enjoy a real meal with colleagues or at the park, and to make your lunch break a real moment of relaxation, try to wreak havoc. A protein-based meal substitute can help you eat something substantial without wasting too much time.

We suggest the Güt-Fit Vegan Cocoa Protein Powder!