It’s final: to lose weight, you are going to use meal replacements! This is a great idea, but no rush! There are several things to know before you get started and make the best use of them.

1.Don’t confuse them with "liquid food"

First tip: don't confuse a meal replacement with liquid food, which has been in vogue lately! It is also used to replace meals, but not as part of a diet, and their calorie intake is more substantial, 600 kcal (against 300 to 400 kcal as part of a weight loss formula). To be sure that you are choosing a suitable product, look at the label, which must contain the words: "Meal replacement for weight control"


2. Check their composition

In terms of meal replacement, you can find a lot of different options, and unfortunately many products that are not that good. Many contain toxic additives, such as heavy metals. Always remember to take a look at the composition, which should not include too many additives, and beware of overly fancy flavors.

Be careful: many of these products, called "Whey", are made from cow's milk and are therefore not suitable if you are lactose intolerant. If you opt for a Vegan formula, also check that the proteins it contains cover our amino acid needs by mixing legumes and cereals: this is the case with our Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder formula, which contains both peas and rice, powder and cocoa flavor… and that's almost it, except vitamin B12 and sucralose, for better taste!

Test it, it is waiting for you in store!


3. Use them sparingly

You shouldn't drink too much of these products: to begin with, eating only a meal replacement can cause fatigue and frustration, as these elements are most often presented in the form of powder to be mixed with a liquid.

Also, with around 400Kcal, drinking only meal replacements without eating anything else will not meet your daily needs! You should continue to eat real meals at the same time. Otherwise, the yo-yo effect is guaranteed: once your diet is over, all the weight you have lost will come back. In addition, watch out for deficiencies!

If you start a drastic diet, at first, for a week or two at most, you can replace two meals (out of three) per day with a shaker. Then for a month, replace only one meal. Then, choose a balanced diet, taking substitutes only occasionally, when you do not have time or to compensate for a large meal.


4. Continue to monitor your diet

These substitutes are not miracle foods! Just because you take it regularly doesn't mean you can “let go” and eat like an ogre at other meals. If you want to lose weight, your diet should first and foremost be balanced. The meal replacements are only there to help.


5. Don't count on them to lose weight!

Again, your diet cannot be based on meal replacement alone. These must be integrated into a redesign of your lifestyle, which will include balanced meals (which will ultimately constitute the bulk of your diet), and exercise sessions, sedentary lifestyle being the first cause of obesity.

If you want to start a cure and make meal replacements an essential part of your diet, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor who will be able to advise you and avoid any risk of deficiency.