Almonds are richer in protein than steak. Does that sound strange to you? Animal products are generally our primary source of protein, but some plants show a higher rate than most meats.

1. Soybeans

Logically, soybean is the best-known alternative to meat: there is an average of 45g of protein in 100g of soy flour (35g in soybeans). This is more than the majority of animal products! It also contains the 9 essential amino acids for the human body, which makes it a very complete source of protein.

Soy isn’t necessarily boring! If its derivatives like tofu or tempeh seem bland to you, take a look at Asian cuisine to start appreciating it.


2. Oilseeds

They are an excellent source of protein, especially peanuts, almonds, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds: around 25g of protein per 100g, which is more than a steak!

Even if they do not contain all the necessary amino acids, these seeds are perfect for a snack. Obviously, to benefit from all their nutritional qualities, they must be eaten plain and not in an appetizing, salty version! If you opt for peanut butter, which is very greedy, choose an organic product, without added sugar, palm oil or salt.


3. Legumes

Lentils, split peas or chickpeas contain an interesting amount of protein too, roughly equivalent to that provided by most seeds. They are to be combined with cereals such as rice or quinoa for a complete supply of essential amino acids.

Our vegan chocolate protein powder, to be tested here, is itself made up of a mixture of peas and rice.


4. Cereals

Whole grains also contain a good amount of protein, although less than the sources listed above. Oats, quinoa, bulgur or spelled are an interesting addition to legumes in particular.

However, several of these cereals stand out for their qualities, in particular lupine flour, which contains no less than 39% protein. Also note: quinoa and buckwheat (which actually are not cereals), like soy, contain the 9 most essential amino acids for our body to function.


5. Cocoa

It is not a very well-known fact, but cocoa bean, in its pure form, also contains a good amount of protein: with 20g per 100g, it has no reason to be ashamed! As a powder, it can thus become ideal as a food supplement.

If you are looking for a quality cocoa powder, our Chocolate Flavored Vegan Protein with Peas and Rice is available here .


6. Spirulina

If many of the miracle virtues granted to this micro-alga are unfounded, it is our champion, with of up to 70g of protein per 100g! It also contains all 20 amino acids.

Acting as a real appetite suppressant, it is most often consumed as a food supplement or in powder form. It can also be included in tapenades or smoothies.


7. Maca

Just like spirulina, Maca, originally from Peru, is considered a superfood. Among its many virtues, such as favoring a high libido, vitality, and well-being, we can also note that is has a good amount of protein (10%). You can get them at Güt-Fit, so go for it!