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We don't have miracle products.


Our food supplements will allow you to boost your daily life,


Improve your performance and help you lose fat without losing muscle.



Each product has one or more positive effects on your body,


This list allows you to choose the product that best suits your needs:





Maca root has traditionally been used to improve fertility and libido, as well as energy and stamina.


Maca is a source of lipids (fatty acids), protein, carbohydrate fiber, vitamins B 1 B 2 C, D, and E, and minerals such as iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, and calcium. In addition, a good number of phytonutrients like glucosinolates, flavonoids, alkaloids (macanes), and steroids.


Maca helps you stay alert, unlike coffee, it has no drawbacks,


Maca will regulate your hormones, thus increasing your libido and your sexual desire.


Gut-Fit Organic Maca is sweet and tasty, you can mix a teaspoon of it in the morning with your favorite drink.




The additional water drainage helps in the regulation of intestinal transit and drainage of excess liquids from the body after exercise.


This product is a diet aid and not a food substitute, it helps a person to lose weight, it does not help in case of excessive consumption of calories.


How to use:


For better efficiency, we recommend taking a measuring cup (15ml) diluted in a liter of water to drink during the day.







Güt – Balance :


This product helps you lose weight, it works as a fat and sugar burner:


With a regular diet and a little exercise, you will store less fat.



It is recommended to use this product at the same time as Güt-Dren, and Vegan protein in order to avoid losing muscle mass.



Directions for use:


We recommend taking 2 tablets with each meal.





Güt - Vega:


For couples who want to ignite their relationship, increase desire and long hours of pleasure.


For Body-builders who wish to build their muscles quickly and effectively because Gut- Vega helps them by enhancing their metabolism and the physical readiness to workout.


How to use: we recommend taking 2-4 pills per day for 4 weeks.




Güt – Amino 1+ :


Feel full of energy all-day


Increase energy metabolism to reduce fatigue and fatigue, feel alert all day.



How to use:

we recommend taking one sachet per day for 4 weeks.



Vegan Protein:





Less fat and more muscle give your body healthy, organic protein from peas and rice.



Refuel before /after each exercise.



How to use:


Before/after the workout, mix 30g. of the protein powder with 200 ml of water, enjoy the taste.